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What is Skoobi?

Skoobi is an online learning platform for students that uses educational challenges in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. An innovative way to learn.

¿Why Skoobi?

We use Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies to ensure that students are motivated and that their learning is meaningful. We make learning process fun again.

Skoobi platform

They will learn through challenges, develop skills and travel the world, without leaving class! All thanks to the experiences in Augmented and Virtual Reality of Skoobi's platform. Skoobi provides the tools to encourage your curiosity and creativity for learning through experimentation. Skoobi platform consists of two main elements: Viewer and Editor.

Skoobi Viewer

Skoobi offers a multitude of educational experiences in virtual worlds that enrich the learning experience in classroom. These experiences are elaborated within the STEAM disciplines.

Skoobi Editor

Our platform editor, allows to encourage the creativity of the student making them create virtual worlds in a simple way. Learning while creating is the best way to motivate students. They can also check their creations with Virtual Reality headsets and share them with the rest of their classmates.

Create virtual experiences in a simple way

Skoobi's editor allows you to add content to the VR experiences in a simple way. The virtual environment in 3D, allows to improve the spatial perception of the student, obtaining a greater concentration and as a consequence greater learning.


Agrega texto informativo a tu escena para describir objetos y lugares.


Agrega preguntas a la escena y reta a los estudiantes a responderlas.


Agrega imágenes estáticas, imágenes en movimiento e imágenes en  360º.


Agrega videos a la escena para facilitar el aprendizaje dentro del entorno virtual.

Objetos 3D

Agrega objetos en 3D con facilidad. Tenemos más de 30.000 objetos 3D disponibles.


Programa el comportamiento de los objetos en la escena para darle más realismo a las escenas.

Code block

They can also program experiences in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality without writing a line of code using Scratch in Skoobi.

Skoobi Platform Compatibility

Los contenidos de la plataforma Skoobi están disponibles en múltiples dispositivos.
Para vivir la experiencia en su totalidad se recomienda el uso de unas gafas de Realidad Virtual.

VR glasses compatible with the Skoobi platform


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